Co-sponsored Student Forum - Social Entrepreneurship Forum

Date Wednesday, November 13, 2013
4–5:30 p.m.
Location MacLaurinCSF Study Center - 1337 Cleveland Ave N, St. Paul MN 55108
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Event Description

Recently there has been a small but important trend among Christians toward understanding the goal of business as more than simply profit-making. Books like Jeff Van Duzer's Why Business Matters to God and Helen Alford and Mike Naughton's Managing as if Faith Mattered have been making the case that business itself has a significant role in advancing Christ's kingdom on earth. Prominent churches like Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York and Park Street Church in Boston have incubated nonprofits that sponsor social entrepreneurship in their communities—new business initiatives that consciously promote the material, social, and spiritual good of the local community.

Here in Minnesota, Colonial Church of Edina has shown creative leadership in promoting social entrepreneurship. A few years ago Colonial decided to put a substantial portion of the proceeds from a land sale—$250,000—toward community outreach. The church's leaders decided that rather than donate it to existing ministries, they would use it as seed money to start new businesses designed to benefit the social fabric of the Twin Cities and beyond. What emerged was Innové, a competition and program designed to support young, aspiring social entrepreneurs. In addition to awarding grants to the winners (called Protégés), Colonial also brought together from its congregation over 100 experts in various fields—from technology to finance—to advise the Protégés and the finalists on their initiatives.

The forum panel will include Daniel Harrell, senior pastor at Colonial, and several participants in the Innové competition. The panelists will talk about their experiences with Innové and their individul projects, and we'll have a chance to ask questions and think about how Christians and church bodies can play roles in rethinking business from the ground up in light of God's purposes.

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