Distance Learning

We know that many of our students are established in ministry. They’re eager to pursue seminary grad work, but want to stay active where they’re being called.

Our distance learning option allows students to work towards their degree and remain rooted in their ministry. We call it InMinistry.

InMinistry Distance Learning Program

The InMinistry program blends online course work with on-campus intensive classes. Our students pursue their degree along with their cohort—a group of seminary peers in the same program. They work on assignments, interact with faculty, engage in online discussion, and encourage each other all from a distance. Then, twice a year, they meet together on campus for 1 week of intensive classes.

Programs start each fall and students complete a Master of Divinity degree in 5 years or a Master of Arts in 3 years.

Degree Options

Check out our academic programs to find out what degrees you can earn through the InMinistry Distance Learning program. The Doctor of Ministry program also uses a similar hybrid format for a number of their concentrations.