Residential Program

The Master of Divinity at Bethel Seminary San Diego is offered through our residential program. Since many graduate students juggle careers, ministries, and families, we hold classes during the afternoon and evening. Some courses are also available in weeklong, intensive formats or online.

Specialized Concentrations

Because of the growing demand for specific skill sets in Christian ministry, most students choose a defined concentration (a group of advanced courses designed intentionally for vocational specialization).

Applied Ministry concentrations:

  • Anglican Studies
  • Chaplaincy
  • Global and Contextual Studies
  • Missional Leadership
  • Pastoral Care

Classical concentrations:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Historical/Theological Studies

Generalist Concentration

If you anticipate a placement requiring competence in several disciplines or where specialization is not necessary, you may choose the generalist course of study. Based on your interests and vocational goals, you can select courses from the various departments.

Language Tracks

A key component of the Master of Divinity program is Greek and Hebrew studies to help students understand the languages at the foundation of our Christian texts. All M.Div. students are required to take a biblical language track in either Greek or Hebrew, or they can choose the combined Greek and Hebrew track.