Why Mental Health Counseling at Bethel?

Here, godly principles aren't just an add-on. They're vital to how we teach effective counseling practice. From the first course to your final practicum and projects, you’ll find biblical principles blended throughout. This emphasis will shape your personal and spiritual formation and advance your competence to provide therapeutic services. Plus, the Christian perspective will help you find even greater meaning as you work with clients.

An Integrated Approach

Our program provides a solid background in therapeutic skills integrated with Christian theology, biblical studies, Christian social ethics, and church history. The program builds on our other excellent seminary programs, including the closely-related M.A. in Ministry Practice and the M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy.

You'll study with scholarly Christian professors who live true to their faith with their families, communities, churches, clinical offices, and the classroom.

You will:

Meet all requirements for licensure. Our program meets all of the academic requirements in California to become a Licensed Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) so you can work as a professional in the mental health counseling field.

Prepare for paid internships. Be ready for paid internship opportunities at secular and Christian clinical settings.

Develop your faith. Go deeper in your personal faith formation through seminary courses so your integrative process is enhanced.

Learn more about yourself. Develop your self-awareness so you can work toward personal, spiritual, and relational goals during the program.

Become part of a growing network of alums. Join a supportive and caring network of Bethel Seminary San Diego clinical program alumni--Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling--so you have support throughout your career.