Residential Program

Bethel’s residential program gives M.A. in Ministry Practice students the opportunity to meet at our San Diego campus for afternoon and evening courses.

To provide additional flexibility, some courses are also available in one-week intensive formats or online.


Students must declare a concentration in chaplaincy, pastoral care, or global and contextual studies, each consisting of a minimum of 20 credits.

Anglican Studies

Sample courses include:

  • Anglican Theology and History
  • Anglican Spirituality
  • Liturgy Through the Ages


This program will enable chaplains (and those preparing for chaplaincy) to train for ministry in such diverse contexts as healthcare services, educational institutions, businesses and corporations, correctional facilities, and the military. 

Sample courses include:

  • Chaplaincy in Contemporary Society
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention

Global and Contextual Studies

Focusing on global and contextual studies prepares students for ministry as either a vocational missionary or for non-traditional missionary efforts such as the non-resident missionary, “tent maker,” and independent contractor.

Sample courses include:

  • Facilitating Community Development
  • Religion in Anthropological Perspective
  • Intro to Global and Contextual Ministry

Missional Leadership

Missional leadership is designed for ministry leaders who envision a church that is missional from the inside out. It’s for leaders who yearn for all Christians to be caught up in God’s purposes in their local communities and throughout the world.

What you’ll study:

  • Intersection of Christianity and culture
  • Intercultural and inter-generational leadership
  • Change management
  • Community development in local and global contexts

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care prepares students for the counseling tasks common in ministry settings, as well as for preventive educational efforts in the church.

Sample courses include:

  • Small Groups in the Church
  • Pastoral Care of Children and Families
  • Principles of Counseling

Supervised Ministry

The curriculum includes supervised ministry experience. During the first year, students engage in an initial church practicum. The second year requires local church leadership and supervisory experience.