Integrate your faith and learning. Become a more committed, informed Christian, and take your newfound knowledge directly into your vocations and interests.

The Master of Arts (Theological Studies) at Bethel Seminary San Diego is designed for students who want to integrate their faith and learning as committed and informed Christians—and who want to apply their faith to their vocations and day-to-day interactions.

Within the program, students can choose to specialize their studies through 2 concentrations: Biblical Studies and Historical/Theological Studies.

Through all concentrations, graduates leave prepared for service in areas such as:

  • World missions
  • Parachurch organizations
  • Christian social agencies
  • Teaching religion in an academic setting

Our professors teach a broad curriculum from a balanced perspective, allowing students to adapt their learning no matter where they’re called in their careers or in their ministry. 

Check out more program details to learn about schedule options and to see a list of sample courses.