Globalization, economics, secularization, poverty, media. Culture is moving every day. Are you? Do ministry on the edge of culture. Practice relational and missional apologetics. Integrate truth with life. Do Christian Thought.

The world needs leaders who have thought deeply about the Christian faith and the implications of the Gospel for today. The church needs ministers who dynamically contextualize biblical truth and theology. People need pastors who create authentic Christian communities grounded on a vibrant, faithful theology. Skeptics need followers of Jesus who communicate truth with philosophical rigor and theological coherence in a compelling way.

The Christian Thought program at Bethel explores the intersection of Christian thought with contemporary culture. Students receive a rigorous grounding in Bible and theology and explore the application of Christian thought to major issues of contemporary society. 

Deep worldview questions such as the nature of truth, the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ, the origin and goal of creation, the problem of evil and suffering, and the nature and being of God, meet with intensely practical, social, and pastoral concerns. 

Our professors have crafted a program that mines the integration of theology with science, media, and the arts (literature, film, visual art). Students learn how to create communities of faith that engage culture intellectually and transform it powerfully with the Gospel.

Apologetics and Christian witness in our postmodern society requires a relational, holistic, and missional approach. Our program enables and inspires students to construct a coherent Christian worldview and a compelling way of life that changes lives and communities. 


Location: St. Paul
InMinistry (distance learning program)

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