Career & Ministry Opportunities

This program is for those interested in engaging culture creatively, faithfully, and intellectually. It will help you think about the contours of the Christian faith and enable you to apply knowledge of Christian theology to contemporary questions. You will learn how to do effective apologetics in a postmodern context. 

Christian Thought is ideal for:

  • Pastors interested in engaging culture
  • Teaching pastors
  • Church planters
  • Para-church leaders
  • College ministry leaders
  • Social and cultural entrepreneurs
  • Christian school teachers
  • Lay ministers leading discipleship, education, or social ministry programs

Students who desire to go on and earn their Ph.D. will find the Masters of Arts (Christian Thought) prepares them well for graduate work in theology and theology-related disciplines, including:

  • Constructive Theology
  • Systematic Theology
  • Theology and Science
  • Theology and Culture


Location: St. Paul
InMinistry (distance learning program)

Academic Catalog