Program Details

The Master of Arts (Christian Thought) is offered at the St. Paul campus through both our residential and hybrid programs

  • Residential program: The residential program is our traditional day-school classroom setting, where you'll take a variety of courses throughout the semester with other students in the residential program.
  • Distance learning program. Our InMinistry distance learning program uses a hybrid model, where you'll experience both traditional classroom experiences and online distance learning with your cohort—about 20 of your seminary peers enrolled in the same program. Twice a year cohorts meet at the St. Paul campus for intensive courses in the classroom with faculty. The rest of the time, students complete course work online from a distance.

Sample Courses

Methods and Themes in Christian Thought: A historical survey of key connections between theology and philosophy, from Plato to postmodernism. Also attends to the varieties of methodologies for approaching Christian thought: philosophical, systematic, historical as well as epistemological issues concerning faith/reason.

Perspectives on Evil and Suffering: Cross-listed as TS/PC, this course examines the question of the problem of evil and suffering from both an academic/theoretical (philosophy and theology) angle and a pastoral angle.

Theology in Global Context: This course addresses key intersections between theology and culture, focusing in particular on the reality of globalization as it impacts ministry and the mission of the church. It discusses a theology of culture as well as explores the impact of culture and contextuality on the theological task.


Location: St. Paul
InMinistry (distance learning program)

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