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The Master of Arts (Christian Thought) is offered through our InMinistry Distance Learning program.

The 3-year InMinistry program is designed for students who are passionate about advancing their ministry without having to put it on hold. Students spend most of the year in distance learning through interactive online courses, and then gather twice a year at the St. Paul campus for 1 week of intensive class sessions.

Sample Courses

Methods and Themes in Christian Thought: A historical survey of key connections between theology and philosophy, from Plato to postmodernism. Also attends to the varieties of methodologies for approaching Christian thought: philosophical, systematic, historical as well as epistemological issues concerning faith/reason.

Perspectives on Evil and Suffering: Cross-listed as TS/PC, this course examines the question of the problem of evil and suffering from both an academic/theoretical (philosophy and theology) angle and a pastoral angle.

Theology in Global Context: This course addresses key intersections between theology and culture, focusing in particular on the reality of globalization as it impacts ministry and the mission of the church. It discusses a theology of culture as well as explores the impact of culture and contextuality on the theological task.


Location: St. Paul
InMinistry (distance learning program)

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