Global & Contextual Leadership

Preparing to minister in a place where nothing is familiar? Where your comfort zone will be stretched beyond anything you imagined?

Bethel’s Doctor of Ministry in Global & Contextual Leadership is designed for leaders who have been called to take the gospel into other cultures.

We equip students for informed and effective communication of the Christian message whether they’re living overseas or working in cross-cultural settings within the United States.

What Students Gain

Graduates leave ready for work in cross-cultural ministry, understanding how to adapt their leadership to serve God’s people in unfamiliar settings.

Students will:

  • Learn a relevant theology for effective cross-cultural ministry
  • Gain an accurate understanding of the contemporary world and its needs
  • Develop strategies for planning and leading ministries
  • Explore the cultural dimensions of effective global and contextual ministry
  • Master the ability to accurately exegete a cultural—especially urban—context
  • Discover incarnational models for effective cross-cultural ministry
  • Practice contextualization of the Christian message
  • Exercise how to use points of contact within other religious traditions

Program Model

Using the cohort model, we’re able to get students into hands on experience in places like India and Malaysia—because we believe answering kingdom service in another culture not only means loving its people, but also understanding their way of life.

Students take 7 course units over 4 years with resident intensives meeting twice each year in locations like Israel/Palestine, Hyderabad (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and St. Paul, Minn.

Sample Courses

  • Introduction and Survey of Global and Contextual Studies
  • Global and Contextual Leadership
  • Contextual Theologizing
  • Change Agency and Diffusion of Innovation
  • Global and Urban Ministry

Meet Our Faculty

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