Why Bethel's Doctor of Ministry?

The Doctor of Ministry at Bethel will be one of the ultimate challenges in the lives of our students. Academically rigorous and downright practical, our program is designed to enhance the leadership of existing leaders and develop a new generation of transformational leaders who are committed to changing their life, their ministry, and their society.

Here are a few highlights of the program:

  • Useful social research. Students conduct research that impacts the church and the world it serves with innovative solutions to the many burning issues faced by the church today.
  • Practical teaching. We build ministry practitioners who leave the program with tangible skills that change the way they do ministry.
  • Transformational leadership. Not only do students become more effective leaders, but also they’re transformed in the process—learning a style of leadership that transforms those they encounter through their ministry and day-to-day life.
  • International study. Through our cohort programs, some students have the opportunity to take intensive courses in places like Israel/Palestine, India, Malaysia, and Switzerland.
  • Expert faculty. Our professors are specialized in their fields. They teach from a perspective that allows students to apply what they learn directly to their ministry context.
  • Flexibility in content and delivery. Students can tailor their studies to their interests through our self-directed program. The cohort program also gives students a range of options for specialized study. Plus, our unique delivery allows students to learn independently through online work and to meet face-to-face with their peers.