Program Details

Our M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy is offered through our traditional residential program. The majority of your courses are offered throughout the typical academic year on our St. Paul campus. A few courses will be taken in a weeklong intensive format.

Course Schedule

Sample course schedule for your first year:

Fall Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy
  Families in Context
  Interpretation and the Interpreter
Interim Marriage and Family Formation Retreat
Spring Dynamics of Family Interaction
  Individual Development in the Family
  Old Testament and the Interpreter
Summer      Ethics
  • 13 Marriage and Family Therapy courses
  • 2 Supervised Clinical Experience courses
  • 5 Integrative Bible, Theology, History courses

Sample Courses

Foundations of Marriage and Family Studies

This course examines the historical development and theoretical foundations of marriage and family studies, as well as theological issues in the study of marriage and family and the practice of marriage and family therapy. Special attention is given to family systems theory. Students are encouraged to examine their own assumptions about families and to develop increased congruence between their theological convictions and their theoretical perspectives.

Theology and the Theologian I

This course approaches theology through the perspectives of history, systematics (doctrine), philosophy, and contextuality, while explicitly attending to issues of personal and spiritual formation throughout. This first theology course discusses the topics of the Trinity, revelation, Scripture, creation, and anthropology, while focusing on historical and communal understandings, personal and spiritual reflections, and ethical applications of these themes. This course will include a small group theological reflection component.