Program Details

The M.A. (Theological Studies) is available through our traditional delivery system, which meets on our St. Paul campus during the day with some evening course options.


The program is composed of 54 semester credits. In addition to a thorough grounding in biblical languages, the curriculum includes a thesis option and a biblical studies seminar designed to prepare students for educational or research vocations.

Students also take electives courses based on their choice if concentration in either Old Testament or New Testament studies.

Sample Courses


An introduction to biblical interpretation. The course will survey the relationship of author, text, and reader in the interpretative process with the goal of determining the nature and content of divine revelation. Students will gain practical skill in interpreting the primary literary genres of Scripture. This course should be taken as soon as possible after entering seminary.

Old Testament Survey: Law, Prophets and Writings

An introduction to the Old Testament focused on the message and proper interpretation of Old Testament books, their ancient Near Eastern historical and literary contexts, and theological purposes, with the goal of recontextualizing their messages in ministry contexts today.

New Testament Survey: Narratives, Letters, and Revelation

An introduction to the New Testament, focused on the genre of New Testament books, their first century historical and literary contexts, and their theological purposes, with the goal of recontextualizing their messages in ministry contexts today.

Issues in Global Biblical Studies

This course combines two essential pieces for preparing students for serious engagement in biblical scholarship. The first is an introduction to the history of the interpretation of the Bible, particularly the last two centuries. The second component addresses current issues in biblical scholarship, such as the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, historiography, theological hermeneutics, biblical theology, and global approaches to biblical studies.

Biblical Studies Seminar

This course is designed to equip students toward their vocational objectives by granting them experience in teaching a course in an academic or church context, presenting an academic paper, or designing an educational curriculum. The course emphasizes leadership in the classroom, the role of spiritual and personal formation in academic research and presentation, and other issues pertaining to professional development.


Location: St. Paul
Residential (traditional daytime program)

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