Cindy Diemert

Cindy Diemert

Systems Analyst

B.A. in Computers and Information Systems, Metropolitan State University

Minneapolis, Minn.

My favorite things about Bethel Seminary:
The most important thing to me is that Bethel Seminary, and Bethel University at large, is about the integration of faith with life. I'm humbled and grateful to work among the amazing, caring people of the Bethel community.

My favorite Twin Cities/Minnesota sites:
I enjoy the downtown Minneapolis skyline, the Bethel campus, and spending time at Target.

Before working at Bethel:
I actually worked at Bethel a decade ago as an administrative assistant while getting my degree at Metro State (and putting my kids through Bethel). We all finished college at about the same time, and I left Bethel for software analyst/developer position in "corporate America." Two weeks later the company was sold and my "great" job quickly became less so as the mergers and layoffs continued. I missed Bethel and watched the job postings diligently. Finally being laid off myself was devastating—once was enough for me. But it pushed me to do what I'd really wanted to do since leaving Bethel…I came back!

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