Apply for Private Loans

We've outlined recommendations for applying for private student loans to help you walk through the process.

If you haven’t applied for financial aid through Bethel, contact a financial aid counselor before applying for a private loan.

It takes a minimum of 30 days from the date of application for a private loan to be processed and the loan funds to be disbursed by the lender.

  1. Determine your loan amount.

    The maximum amount you can borrow is listed as "PLUS/Private Loan eligibility" on your award letter.

  2. Go to FASTChoice to compare private loans offered by our preferred lenders and apply online.

    Select a lender and complete the lender's online application and promissory note. These lenders may have more than one loan program that you can choose from.

    If you choose not to borrow from a Bethel preferred lender, please give us the name of the lender, the lender's phone number, the amount you requested, and if the loan is for a particular term. Contact your lender directly for application instructions.

  3. Complete the loan process with your lender.

    All lenders will require a self-certification form, which they provide. Some will require proof of identity or income. All requested information must be given to your lender before your loan can be processed.

    It’s important that you’re actively involved in the loan process so your loan funds can be disbursed in a timely manner. Check your junk email to be sure you haven't missed any communication from your lender.

How do we choose preferred lenders?

See the criteria and standards we use for evaluating private lenders.