Quarter to Semester Tuition

Bethel Seminary is moving from a quarter calendar to a semester calendar starting with the 2013-2014 academic year.

The semester calendar consists of:

  • Fall semester (15 weeks)
  • January interim (4 weeks)
  • Spring semester (15 weeks)
  • Summer term (11 weeks)

Benefits of a Semester Calendar

There are a number of reasons why we felt the move to a semester calendar would best serve our students.

  • Explore subjects more fully during a full semester
  • Opportunities for more off-campus study
  • Ease of transferring credits to Bethel University
  • More collaboration opportunities with other schools

How Credits and Tuition Converts

The change to semesters also requires some adjustment in pricing in order to convert quarter credits to semester credits.

A typical quarter course is 4 quarter credits over 10 weeks, whereas a typical semester course is 3 semester credits over 15 weeks. This means that one semester credit is equivalent to 1.5 quarter credits.

Here’s an illustration of how credits and tuition converts from quarters to semesters:

Course or Degree Quarter Credits Ratio Semester Credits
1 course 4 1.5 2.67
M.Div. 144 1.5 96
M.A. 96 1.5 64
2012-2013 Tuition Rates Quarter Credits Ratio Semester Credits
St. Paul $375 1.5 $562.50
San Diego $360 1.5 $540.00
Seminary of the East $350 1.5 $525.00

Doctor of Ministry Students

Tuition for D.Min. courses will be charged per credit hour. Students only pay tuition during terms when they are enrolled. Converting 2012-2013 pricing to a per-credit system results in a rate of $355 per credit for the self-directed program and about $550 per credit for cohort programs.

Beginning with the summer '13 quarter, D.Min. students may borrow federal student loans. Learn more about how to apply for loans.