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Bethel Seminary is a place where people increasingly understand the truth of the gospel, grasp the contexts of diverse cultures, grow toward personal holiness and wholeness, and gain skill and passion to lead others to transforming encounters with the Lord whom that gospel declares.

Will seminary change your whole life?

It better. Some will be called to vocational ministry, some to lay ministry, others to become the scholars who will teach the next generation of leaders, but for all, seminary must be so much more than informational — in order to prepare leaders who will meet the needs of the church it must be transformational.

Our professors do more than impart information. They:

  • Lead students to a mature understanding of the Bible and to a Christian world view.
  • Create intentional strategies for spiritual and personal formation as part of the entire seminary experience.
  • Develop mature leaders who are catalysts for healthy, substantive, and lasting change — first within themselves and then in others.

Bethel Seminary is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and the North Central Association. The accreditors have praised Bethel’s approach for developing the whole person.


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Todd '01
Doing it Right

"As I began to fully appreciate the weight of my calling and as my commitment to youth ministry deepened, so did my realization that I needed further education. "I thought, if I’m going to do this right, I have to get some leadership training." Todd was able to stay in his ministry posi- tion while gaining the training he needed through an evening program at Bethel. Today, he works with an organization that helps youth ministries organize mission trips for youth groups. "Every time I left my evening classes at Bethel I felt I had something I could apply the next day in my ministry," says Todd.