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Leland Eliason

So, where are you going?

Exodus tells of a vast people escaping the clutches of oppression. They alternately desire and despise Moses' leadership. They expect provisions, but soon grow weary of what God has provided. They want freedom, but occasionally long for the "good old days" in captivity.

Leading people in their faith journey is challenging because, let's face it, leaders are fellow travelers. It's not easy work, but there's never been anything more rewarding. While we can't say where your spiritual journey will take you, we know you will be leading men and women who have found freedom in Christ. Our job is to prepare you.

Across our three campus locations the students' faces and stories change, each giving witness to God's remarkable creativity — but our promise to each is the same.

We're committed to offering the best seminary education possible in order to provide students with the essential resources required for God's calling on their lives.

Take the next step in your faith journey by considering Bethel Seminary.

Leland V. Eliason
Executive Director and Provo

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