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Do you sense God has called you to lead but still have reservations? You know there are more gifted and qualified people than yourself —why doesn’t God use them instead? Guess what—you’re in good company. Many biblical leaders started in much the same place, yet God transformed them into leaders for His purposes.

Do you want to become the leader God’s called you to be? There’s no better place to begin the journey than Bethel Seminary.


Our job? Develop leaders of Christian influence.

At Bethel Seminary we have a big vision. Our aim is to prepare men and women to proclaim the gospel to the whole world. Effectively ministering to people requires training that is sensitive to a host of cultural nuances. We must be prepared to set aside provincial notions and put on the mind of Christ — to see the world as He does. This requires vigilance in our adherence to historical evangelical theology, and determination in our commitment to cultural sensitivity.

"My name will be great among the nations…" Malachi 1:11

The world is accelerating toward God’s promise in Malachi. All around the globe, the church is experiencing explosive growth. Attendant with this burgeoning growth is the emergence of many great evangelical thinkers who are introducing fresh theological perspective and are able to interpret theology through the filter of
their cultural experiences and divergent semantic systems. At Bethel, faculty and student work together to develop a critical understanding of contemporary Christian thinking from around the world.


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Holly '05
Teaching the Teachers

During a college course in systematic theology a professor saw that Holly had an unusual spark of curiosity—a desire to probe the depths of Christian faith. He encouraged her to attend Bethel Seminary.

Upon arrival, it became evident her passion was teaching future teachers. "Bethel has so many great professors who have encouraged me and in turn I want to do the same for others," says Holly.

Why Bethel?

"It's a place where Scripture is taken seriously and where course work isn’t just a series of disassociated ideas; it’s integrated so you can really start to see how things fit together."