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With God each person matters, every ministry is important.

The realization of who you will become and what you will do doesn't happen in an instant. After all, God's Word is a light unto our feet — not a high beam shining down the highway of life.

You may be called to work with at-risk kids, or maybe a rural congregation in a quaint community. Could be you'll lead a rapidly growing church plant, or work with an aging population. The ministry possibilities are endless.

To followers of Christ, there is no place or person deemed insignificant. You are uniquely crafted to accomplish God's purpose through your life — that makes you someone significant, someone He can use. The trick is maximizing the potential you have. That's what Bethel Seminary is all about. At Bethel Seminary you will be stretched as you seek to fully realize the potential God has given you. Where are you going? We can't say. But we know you have tremendous potential — and Bethel Seminary is dedicated to helping you realize it.

Bethel's purpose is to support the mission that Jesus entrusted to His church in the Great Commission. Therefore we can say, "What matters to local churches and ministry agencies is what matters to Bethel Seminary."


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Ramon ‘06
Christ is the Key

Ramon grew up in the Dominican Republic. At night, he took his rest on a bed of sugar cane. He grew up to experience big time success as a U.S. Naval officer, businessman, and member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Still, something was missing.

A friend told him, "I've been praying for you; I think you should read the Gospel of John.""That reading unlocked the door and changed everything. I realized Christ is the key to life,"says Ramon.

Today, his vision is to create jobs and bring Good News to needy people. He's preparing for the next stage by attending Bethel Seminary.