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Taking the next step…


Peter ‘04
A Family Graduates from Seminary

Peter Lee had held a number of positions in the business world. All along, he wove ministry into his work. "We're all ministers. Occupation is just an extension of that," says Peter. But over time he sensed God's call to a more vocational ministry.

Hearing the call is one thing; acting on it is another. It takes faith to leave a comfortable life — to uproot your family and move to seminary. "When I graduated, we all graduated, because in reality our family was transformed by seminary," says Peter.

Today, you'll find him ministering within a rural congregation where people know each other well and where being yourself is a prerequisite for effective ministry. Bethel helped with that by knitting together theological education, spiritual formation, and leadership. It's a model that touches each part of your life and maybe even your family.

We understand the individual nature of your walk with God. Our challenge is not to get seminary students marching in lock step. It's more about inspiring men and women to strive for academic excellence, grow in godliness, deepen their understanding of human relationships, and discover and nurture their unique talents and gifts for ministry.

Men and women come to Bethel Seminary's three campuses from many backgrounds, each at different points in their relationship with God. But, wherever they are, we encourage them to take the next step. It's a philosophy that stimulates everyone to continue to grow intellectually, interpersonally, and spiritually by applying faith and learning to real life. That kind of growth often requires getting out of your "comfort zone," but the results are dramatic and life-changing.

If you like the idea of attending seminary where the faculty knows you and will challenge you to grow in all areas of your life, Bethel could be your next step in ministry.


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