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Bethel Seminary

God's Word informs in order to transform. God and His Word are the source for all personal and societal transformation. One's thinking, character, and service are transformed as one is brought under the authority of His Word. The truth of God's Word informs our theology, transforms our personal lives, and grounds our transformational ministry. Biblical truth must not only be understood, it must be experienced and communicated so that its transformational power is unleashed in our own lives and in the lives of those we are called to serve.

At Bethel Seminary, we see no conflict between academic excellence and the development of whole and holy spiritual leaders. Our educational aim is nothing less than the full integration of academic knowledge with lived practice, of biblical exegesis with spiritual life and leadership.

The faculty of Bethel Seminary are dedicated to the task of educating men and women for church vocations. All teaching faculty hold earned doctorates and several have pursued postdoctoral studies at leading universities. Most have served as pastors, executive pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, or have held crucial positions in ministry agencies. Their background of ministerial experience is invaluable as they guide students in their theological studies. Faculty associates are carefully selected on the basis of their ministry expertise and teaching credentials.


Bethel Seminary offers a continuing education program for church leaders and a lifetime class audit option open to graduates. In Bethel Seminary you have a "friend for life"!


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(above) John Lillis
Dean and Executive Officer
Bethel Seminary San Diego


What is Bethel Seminary REALLY like?

Here are the top five attributes for which a team of external evaluators recently issued commendations upon completing an objective and meticulous 10-year re-accreditation probe:

1. The well-articulated three centers philosophy which acts as a unifying and directional concept.

2. A committed, competent, and entrepreneurial administration, faculty, and staff.

3. Innovative delivery systems.

4. Outstanding faculty credentials.

5. A commendable mentoring and internship program.

That is a listing of features, but the benefits for students are real and lasting. Students leave Bethel Seminary prepared to serve and lead the church in a rapidly changing world.