Want to preach, teach, and counsel in ways that make sense in today’s culture? Wish you knew how to better develop, administer, and evaluate ministries in your church?

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) at Bethel Seminary San Diego prepares future pastors, missionaries, chaplains, denominational ministers, and professional ministry leaders for meaningful service in the church.

At Bethel, it’s our goal that all students develop not only a solid theological foundation, but also a passion for living out their unique purpose and making a positive impact in their community and our world.

Program Options

To give our students flexibility, we offer 2 different program deliveries:

  • Residential Program: Meet for class in the afternoons and evenings at our San Diego campus.
  • Distance Program: Take classes online, and then meet in San Diego twice a year for a week of coursework.

A Broad Degree

The M.Div. is a broad area of study that prepares graduates from a holistic perspective for church and ministry leadership.

What students study:

  • Old and New Testaments
  • Methods for scripture interpretation
  • Church history and theology of the Church
  • Program development and administration
  • Ministry and evangelism in various cultural contexts

How students grow:

  • Build skills for preaching, evangelism, teaching, and counseling
  • Form theological positions with awareness of multiple perspectives
  • Become sensitive to ethical problems and oppose social injustice
  • Model prayer, worship, a servant attitude, and personal discipleship
  • Become a lifelong learner

Prepared to Lead and Serve

Our graduates combine their knowledge of the Christian faith with evidence of emotional and spiritual maturity. They relate to others with integrity and possess skills for making a difference in their community.

Meeting the educational requirements for ordination, students leave prepared for ministry careers serving as pastors, youth directors, and missionaries.

Learn more about why students choose Bethel to earn their Master of Divinity.