Why Christian Thought at Bethel?

The program helps you understand and articulate the Christian faith compellingly in a diverse, complex, always-changing world.

It is:

Highly relevant. Focused on the intersection of theology with current social and cultural issues.

Broadly evangelical. Deeply rooted in the best of the ecumenical evangelical tradition (historical and contemporary expressions).

Grounded in Scripture. Committed to doing Christian thought and practice from a solid grounding in biblical authority and responsible biblical interpretation.

Integrative. An intersection of theology and Bible with disciplines of science, cultural studies, media, arts, and political/social issues.

Missional and holistic. Views apologetics and Christian thought as best practiced within a missional community of believers committed to the holistic transformation of whole persons and places in accord with the mission of God for the world.

Contextual. Attends to the contexts of Scripture and the resources of Christian tradition, but is also acutely aware of the ever-changing contexts in which thought must be articulated and communicated.


Location: St. Paul
InMinistry (distance learning program)

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