You’ve recognized God’s call to strengthen and support individuals, couples, and families. Now you need to strengthen your own foundation as you move forward in your ministry.

Marriage and family therapy students pour their lives into listening, advising, and healing. And it's tiring work helping people in pain regain fullness of life.

That's what we’re passionate about—building up the well being of counseling professionals so they can use their gifts to bring light to a suffering world.

Students come to Bethel so they can...

  • Grow in their personal faith and maturity
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen their inner self
  • Explore tough issues surrounding broken relationships and family roots
  • Help God’s hurting people walk through life transformation
  • Weave biblical teaching into everyday practice
  • Build a solid foundation, rooted in deep spirituality

Take a look at program details to learn more about the structure and timing of courses at our St. Paul campus. See the kinds of ministry opportunities available to our graduates.